Will you definitely find the person I’m looking for?

I cannot guarantee results. Results are based on the quality of DNA matches and the availability of pertinent records.


What if you can’t find my biological family?

While results are based on the quality of DNA matches and record availably, it’s the very rare circumstance where nothing at all about a person’s biological family can be discovered. Even if the identity of your mother or father can’t be determined, it’s still possible to narrow the results down to a sibling group, or to learn the identity of your grandparents, or great-grandparents. It’s possible that as new matches become available, more information can be discovered, so my fee includes three months worth of searching.


How long does the process take?

It depends: it could take a few hours, or a few days, or weeks, or months or even years. The circumstances of each case are different and can’t be predicted.


If my adoption is sealed, can you still find my birth parents?

Depending on the quality of your DNA matches, and the availability of other records, it is possible to find your birth parents even though your adoption is sealed.


What if I’m a foundling?

While the more information you have, the faster the process tends to go, it is not necessary to have any information at all. As long as you have DNA matches in the databases, finding your biological family is possible.


I have a sibling that was adopted; can you find him or her?

Maybe. This one is trickier. Their DNA or that of one of their direct decedents would have to be in one of the DNA databases.


What if I was born in another country?

I am only able to offer my services to people born in the US or Canada at this time.


What if you find my birth family and they aren’t willing to have contact with me?

Unfortunately, that isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Before I begin the search, we will discuss all the possible outcomes and develop a personalized strategy.


Will you contact my birth family for me?

I prefer not to make direct contact with a person’s biological family. First contact can be a delicate process that I will help coach you through.